Should Christians send their kids to secular colleges?

Ouch. Moms and pops sent junior to a public college, and the day after he first drops LSD he sends them an email denouncing his religion and declaring his conversion to atheism. Argh, now what? Going to be an awkward Christmas in junior’s house.

Pops: “Praise the Lord for this day.”
Moms: “Amen.”
Junior: “Praise be to me, myself and I, master of the universe.”
Pops: “How dare you, junior.”
Grandma: “Oh dear, let the boy believe what he wants. It’s his funeral.”

Tell you what, if my son sent me an email telling me he had denounced God I would not  reply, I would send him a sympathy card in the mail with an invoice for the college money I had spent on his butt so far.

Atheism. Nontheism. Desirism. Freethinking. Moral relativism. Post modern relativism. They all mean the same bloody thing friends: “I WORSHIP REASON [i.e. MYSELF], NOT GOD.”

They can call it what they want, but it’s all rock and roll to me. Good ol’ fashioned hardcore atheism.  Give me a break. Everybody’s a genius. Forget SIXTY centuries of God worship; some young dude who’s watched a bunch of youtube debates and read a wall full of secular books is suddenly the resident expert on Catholic dogma, the catechism, the crusades, the inquisitions, cosmology, evolution, theology, and philosophy.

Forget the great atheists that switched teams like Anthony Flew (the father of modern atheism), CS Lewis, McGrath, Francis Collins. Forget the brilliant philosophers and scientists like Kant, Descartes,  Einstein, Newton, Plato. What do all these morons know? NOTHING says little junior with his puffed up chest and snarky grin. They didn’t know what the hell they were doing.

Poor moms and pops. What shall they ever do with junior? These days, all they can do is sit back and pray to God little junior doesn’t hook up with some radical cell of freethinking fight club dweebs bent on teaching the world a little lesson.

So… to send one’s kids to a secular college or not? I think not. I say either send them to a reputable Christian college or send them to a junior college. Junior college is nice. It’s cheap and you can keep them at home and help them understand what the heck they are learning. Give them a soft landing rather than subject them to the hardcore atheism of modern university life. This way they can work part time and pay rent. Learn some responsibility. Learn some humility. This way you can enjoy a peaceful Christmas without wanting to slam your foot into their little butts for snorting in disgust during your dinner prayer.


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