Evangelical ists 99.9% alike.. with one enormous difference

I have observed both evangelical ists (atheist and theist)  pleading their cases and recruiting for their respective teams. One day, today actually, something most peculiar occurred to me about these two warring chaps. I’ve noticed they both employ the same tactic to garner allegiance for their respective armies. That is, they both attempt to get their audience focused strictly on the darkest, most deplorable of their enemy’s behavior so they can then present their own belief as the brightest, most antithetical alternative.

Prima facie these evangelical types may seem 100% guilty of the same trickery, but under the surface  there lies between them a  .01% difference that makes the one ethical and the other a thieving plagiarist of the most repugnant narcissistic order.

To what remarkable .01% difference am I referring?  Are you ready? Can you keep your mind opened long enough to consume the rest of the paragraph without skimming, skipping, or scoffing? Here goes: The difference between the preaching theist and the preaching atheist is that the theist preacher paints all things opposed to good DARK so he can portray GOD as the saving light of the world; whereas the atheist preacher paints all things opposed to good DARK so he can portray HIMSELF as the saving light of the world.

In other words, the theist points out the virus and claims GOD is the CURE, where the atheist points out the virus and claims HIMSELF (or his glorious own “free thought”) the cure.

In light of this, it’s bewildering how an atheist could judge himself humble out of one side of his mouth, while belching things like this out of the other: “Unlike a self righteous theist, I am not arrogant enough to believe some almighty god of the universe exists for ME.”  Bah!  The theist doesn’t maintain this rubbish either. The thesist (particularly the Christian theist) maintains he was created for the almighty God of the universe’s PLEASURE!

I ask the rational person: What could be more humble a paradigm than one that hold’s one’s existence was purely intended for the JOY of another?

This blog shouldn’t be construed as a vehicle to express my hatred of atheists. Au contraire. I love atheists as I do all men. It is not the atheist I parody, nor is it his ignorance or arrogance (for I am guilty of the same). What I wish to call to your attention is the  HYPOCRISY and BOUNDLESS TRICKERY of the enemy. For the labeling of a theist as self righteous is not only one of the devils’ greatest selling lies of all time,  it is indeed one of his most specious.

And now in the spirit of vigorous sportsmanship I wish to conclude: You just got pwned nub


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