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Should Christians send their kids to secular colleges?

Ouch. Moms and pops sent junior to a public college, and the day after he first drops LSD he sends them an email denouncing his religion and declaring his conversion to atheism. Argh, now what? Going to be an awkward Christmas in junior’s house.

Pops: “Praise the Lord for this day.”
Moms: “Amen.”
Junior: “Praise be to me, myself and I, master of the universe.”
Pops: “How dare you, junior.”
Grandma: “Oh dear, let the boy believe what he wants. It’s his funeral.”

Tell you what, if my son sent me an email telling me he had denounced God I would not  reply, I would send him a sympathy card in the mail with an invoice for the college money I had spent on his butt so far. Continue reading


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